Magnetic Shielding – PSAC II

Build-to-design.  40,000 sq. ft. magnetic shielding in UPS, Telecom and radio room to attenuate AC ELF magnetic and Radio Frequency fields that affect communications equipment in a 911 call center.  5,000 SF radio room received RF shielding materials and filters.  RF shielding specification requirement for shielding performance was reduced by Design Team due to room size and number of penetrations. Project name: Public Safety Answering Center II (PSAC II), Bronx, NY.

Magnetic Shielding
AC ELF RF shielded command and control room

Radio room magnetic shield

Shielding material was installed on all surfaces in a AC ELF RF shielded command and control center. Penetrations were made in the shield for HVAC, fire-suppression, electrical services and RF filters. A continuous bond was provided between all plates at each seam, butt, corner, and joint to ensure electrical conductivity throughout the entire shielding system.

RF door
Oversized RF door installed

RF Door

After the shielding enclosure was completed an oversized RF door was installed. Other filters to control penetrations consist of power filters, honey comb silters and penetration waveguides for metal piping.

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