Magnetic Shielding Contractor

Electromagnetic Shielding Inc. is a magnetic field and radio frequency shielding contractor for design-bid-build / build-to-design architectural electromagnetic shielding projects. We fabricate and install electromagnetic shielding systems that attenuate magnetic fields to acceptable threshold levels for commercial, scientific and industrial applications. We guarantee final performance if the design is based on extensive engineering (simulations & testing), practical design experience and properly designed. But no shield design is beyond our capability to manage, supervise and install. It is all about having the requisite experience to get the job done right and on schedule … that is what we do best! Electromagnetic Shielding, Inc is a full turn-key installer. Whether you’re a general contractor looking for expert architectural electromagnetic shielding installation services or miscellaneous iron work, we can provide the required experience to get the job done right..

Materials We Use

The electromagnetic shielded enclosure types we most commonly fabricate and install are produced from aluminum, steel and silicon iron metals.  These are the most cost-effective materials used in the magnetic shielding industry and are highly efficient at reducing magnetic fields (magnetic field attenuation) that are generated from primary / secondary feeders, risers, transformers, electric panels, switchgear rooms and overhead / underground transmission lines, ferromagnetic and radio frequency sources.

Material procurement  for magnetic shielding systems, both domestic and international, is something we do extremely well since many of our projects will be LEED certified and materials must be tracked to comply with green standards.  Since we have solid working relationships with major material suppliers we get the best material grades available to comply with project specifications.

Onsite Supervision

Electromagnetic Shielding, Inc. installations are supervised by onsite experienced project supervisors that have the authority to make field decisions.  Shielding supervisors are OSHA 30, CPR and Fire Watch certified.  We are capable of managing work crews that consist of ironworkers and sheet metal installers.  Although we are not signatory with unions our work crews in major metropolitan cities are typically union ironworkers.


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