EMI/RFI Shielding Services for General Contractors and Building Owners

We know that many general contractors and building owners do not understand magnetic shielding requirements and what they need for the final product.  We are here to help you make better choices so your magnetic shielded enclosure complies with it’s shielding performance criteria.  With this in mind, Electromagnetic Shielding offers an array of EMI Shielding services to general contractors and building owners:

  1. Design-Bid-Build
    • Full Turn-Key Magnetic Shielding Fabrication and Installation.  We install the magnetic shield and fulfill all shielding specification requirements.
      • Magnetic Shielding Material Procurement
      • Magnetic Shielding Fabrication & Installation
      • Final Testing & Commissioning
  2. Construction Management
    • In states where we are not licensed we can provide onsite management of installation services to make sure the shielding system is installed as specified.
  3. Pre-construction Management and Coordination
    • Budgetary Analysis & Review with GMP Forecast
      • We provide estimated cost proposals for magnetic shielding materials, labor and final testing.
    • Vetting/qualification of shielding installers
      • We examine subcontractor qualifications prior to grant of approval or clearance.
    • Material Procurement
      • We find the material supplier with the best price and quality
    • Construction Scheduling
      • We understand the installation process and can develop a realistic installation schedule for the subcontractor.