Solving complex challenges requires expert leveraging of expert engineering, quality materials, and business savvy. We fuse industry leading technology with expert general contractor partners resulting in the most advanced and economical installation services available. We deploy proven systems encompassing quality assurance programs which allow for the best possible and most consistent final product protecting your sensitive equipment and employees.

These are some of the services we provide:

AC ELF Magnetic Shielding

Fabrication and installation of conductive shielding materials to redirect magnetic field paths.  Use primarily in areas were there are elevated magnetic fields due to power distribution systems.

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DC Magnetic Shielding

Fabrication and installation of silicon iron products to reduce magnetic field levels from moving ferromagnetic masses or magnetic fields from MRI’s.

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RF Shielding

Fabrication and installation of metallic materials and penetration filters in RF enclosures to reduce radio-frequency field levels.

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