Magnetic Shielding – Aerospace TEM Lab

Build-to-design. TEM lab AC ELF magnetic shielding at Aerospace Corporate Headquarters in El Segundo, CA. 2,124 sq. ft. of shielding material was fabricated and installed to retrofit a room for TEM Microscope placement.  Floor, ceiling and 4 walls received shielding. Cut-outs, in the floor shielding material, were required for microscope leg placement because vibration was a concern.  Magnetic fields reduced to specification requirements.

magnetic shield
6-sided shield

6-sided magnetic shield

Shielding material was installed on all surfaces in a TEM lab. Penetrations were made in the shield for HVAC, fire-suppression and electrical services. A continuous bond was provided between all plates at each seam, butt, corner, and joint to ensure electrical conductivity throughout the entire shielding system.

Magnetic Floor Shield

Floor Shield

After the shielding material was installed on floor, cut-outs in the material were made for microscope legs to rest directly on the concrete slab. The cut-outs were made so the microscope would not be subjected to any vibration that may be caused from walking on the metallic shielding material.

magnetic shield
Shielded Trench

Trench Shield

Trenches in floor required shielding. Trenches accommodated wiring to support the microscope instrument. Trenches required 3-sided waveguides where the trench passed underneath the wall. Waveguides were fabricated from shielding material and seam welded to wall shielding.

Lab Before Demo

Lab Demolition

Room demolition was necessary prior to installing the shielding. Existing floor linoleum was removed to expose concrete slab. Walls were gutted and gypsum was replaced with plywood to electrically isolate the metallic shield from all conductive paths back to building ground (i.e., metal steel frame, building steel, water / gas pipes, HVAC metal ducts, electrical panels, etc.).

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